Life has been a bit crazy for the past few months – I’m now working as a consultant half the week for a client based near the Washington DC area. Having to travel every week cuts down on the amount of cooking that I’ve been able to do, and also, sadly, on the amount of time that I have for blogging. However, it does give me a chance to venture out and attempt to find new places to try in the DC area. Recently I stumbled upon a little gem of a pizza place in Arlington, Virginia. It’s about a half a mile walk from the metro station, but every step is worthwhile – because at the end, you are rewarded with this:

The most perfect margherita pizza. ever.

Well, I could be exaggerating a bit, but this is definitely pizza worth walking for. Pupatella is a tiny pizza shop in the middle of seemingly nowhere in Arlington, but they have an amazing real brick oven where they turn out these miraculous masterpieces. The fresh mozzarella is just perfectly melted and oozing, the tomato sauce is fresh and tastes of the bountiful harvests of late summer, and the fragrant basil laces everything together with a delicate herby sweetness – all on top of the most perfect thin, chewy Neapolitan pizza crust. They also offer all sorts of different pizzas with tasty topping combinations, but every time I go, I tend to go with the simple margherita – and I am instantly transported back to the relaxing summer days in Italy, where the only challenge ahead was to how to consume an entire pizza all by myself.

Pupatella 5104 Wilson Blvd. Arlington  Virginia

2 responses to “Pupatella

  1. Oh wow that looks amazing. I’m always on the lookout for pizza that compares to the stuff I ate in Italy. I’m very excited to hear it’s in the D.C. area! I didn’t know you were commuting like that- sounds crazy… I hope you’re enjoying the job, though!
    (oh, this is Anna :))

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