T.W. Food – Funky Jazz Brunch

Since I found out about T.W. Food earlier this year, and after running past it many times during my marathon training, I’ve been waiting for the chance to try out their menu of local organic food. I found the perfect opportunity to this weekend, when my dear friends S+D visited from New York – what’s better than waking up to jazz and brunch?

I ordered the house-smoked salmon with quinoa and dill creme fraiche, which was a light and lovely way to start my morning (and give me energy for wedding dress shopping in the afternoon!).

We also ordered the fried chicken, and the lamb – both generously portioned and delicious.


Although T.W. is a bit of a ways away from both Porter and Harvard Squares, it’s definitely worth a visit. Especially if you happen to find a bright Sunday morning to enjoy the walk to and from the restaurant! (otherwise, it’s just a quick 10 minute ride by bus or taxi!)

T.W. Food

377 Walden St # A
Cambridge, MA 02138-1348

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