Before leaving for our Asia travels over the winter holidays, the bf and I took a weekend to wander around the Beacon Hill neighborhood in Boston to see the holiday lights and take in the city. We stopped into Figs on a whim based on a recommendation from a stranger on the street – and it was absolutely delightful! The restaurant turned out to be a Todd English concept and was a cozy spot with a neighborhood feel that served scrumptious (and huge) thin crust gourmet pizza. As usual, bf insisted on starting us off with the calamari appetizer – tasty!

We ordered one pizza to share between the two of us – believing that that would be an appropriate and sensible portion for the two of us. Little did we know that one pizza was the size of an entire cookie sheet…

The pizza was some of the best that I’ve had in recent memory – and we had enough leftovers for another meal the following day!

Figs – 42 Charles St
(between Chestnut St & Mount Vernon St)

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