Brooklyn Wine Exchange & Chestnut

One of my favorite activities this past summer were the free wine tastings hosted by the Brooklyn Wine Exchange – the classes have certainly heightened my appreciate for wines and my understanding for the nuances of wine.

One of the classes included a special treat – it was a wine and food pairing class! The head chef of Chestnut restaurant in Brooklyn came and gave a cooking demonstration – making fresh cavatelli with peas and pancetta, which was paired with a refreshing white wine.

To start, he demonstrated how to create the pasta from scratch. He mixed semolina flour with egg yolks to make the dough, then shaped the little cavatelli pieces with a pasta roller.

Next, he created the pasta sauce while boiling the fresh pasta in salted water. Toss together:


Voila! The final product that we enjoyed:

Brooklyn Wine Exchange

138 Court St
Brooklyn, New York 11201

Chestnut Restaurant

280 Smith Street
New York, NY 11231

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