NYC Groupon: Gyu-Kaku

A little while ago I decided to venture into the world of NYC Groupon and purchased one for Gyu-Kaku, a Japanese bbq place in East Village. The actual restaurant is pretty nice inside – large, airy and modern with individual booths for each group of diners to have their own table for grilling their meal.

We started with hot seared salmon in citrus sauce – delicious. The salmon was perfectly seasoned with a touch of citrus and dressed with some fresh spring onions, very simple and tasty.

For the barbecue portion of the meal, we ordered an assortment of meats and veggies – sausages, zucchini, broccoli, and beef. Nothing very out of the ordinary – the portions were actually quite small and it was a little frustrating how long some things take to cook on the grill.

We also ordered a side of chicken garlic noodles which helped to fill out the meal. The noodles were pretty good – just the right amount of sauce, meat and seasoning.

Overall, a satisfactory Groupon experience in NYC – I probably wouldn’t have tried this place without the Groupon (and I also probably will not go back for seconds). The food was good and the atmosphere nice, but for the same price you can get similar if not better quality food – and definitely higher quantities – at any Korean barbecue place in midtown. The main highlight of the meal I would say was the seared salmon but I wouldn’t come back just for an appetizer!

Gyu-Kaku – 34 Cooper Square

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