DT Works

OK – brief hiatus from my Hawaii posts to catch up on some NYC adventures. Things have been a bit crazy of late … I will actually be moving to Boston in August! These past two years in New York have been a tremendous learning experience for me, and I feel incredibly blessed to have had this time to explore the city and share my time here with so many genuinely awesome people. I will truly miss the city, although I’m sure that there are many new things for me to discover and try out in Boston! Hopefully I’ll have the chance to come back here in a few years and finish out my twenties in the best city in the world!

This post is way, way, way past overdue – back in the spring when my sister came to visit me, we ended up at DT Works – the brick-and-mortar reincarnation of our beloved Dessert Truck (which by the way, is back at it’s usual Astor Place haunt!!).

And Jerome Chang, the owner/founder was there!

As you can see, the menu has many familiar items from the truck:

In addition, they also have a glass display case with various chocolate barks, cookies, macarons, and mini desserts! Sis and I opted for the warm chocolate bread pudding with the vanilla creme anglais, and a combo of their macarons and the passion fruit panna cotta.

Macarons! Banana Caramel and Coconut Milk Chocolate

Buttermilk passionfruit panna cotta

Overall, a very delicious night. Sigh – Dessert Truck, one of the many, many reasons why I will be coming back to visit … often!

DessertTruck Works – 6 Clinton Street

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