Happy Hearts

While I was doing my research to prep for Hawaii, I came across the info for Happy Hearts Mochi, which is actually a one-woman operation where you can get fresh mochi made to order – basically, you call Renee (the business owner) and tell her which mochis you would like off of the menu, and then arrange for a pick-up time. I ordered the Strawberry Bento, which comes with one Strawberry, 2 peanut, 2 haupia (coconut), 1 chocolate haupia, and one hazelnut coffee haupia mochi. When I went to pick up my order, I got the following! She also gave me two free ones – one strawberry and one haupia! 😀

It actually took the bf and I a few days to finish all of the mochi – lots of fresh mochi for breakfast and dessert! Here is a close up of the Strawberry Bento – so cute and yummy!

My favorites were the haupia mochis – basically a block of haupia with a layer of coconut dusted mochi on the outside!

I also liked the strawberry ones because it is basically a large fresh strawberry enrobed in soft sweet mochi.

Happy Hearts Mochi


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