Kats Sushi

Sushi buffet time…

JUST KIDDING! We did eat a lot on this trip – but we did not eat THAT much sushi!! I took a picture of this order that came from a table of about a dozen hungry high schoolers out for a night on the town after their graduation – looks good doesn’t it?

There is just no comparison between mainland sushi buffets and sushi buffet in Hawaii – although the price is similar, the quality that you get in Hawaii is far beyond anything that you could expect from a sushi buffet in the continental US.

We started off strong with a 20 piece order of hamachi, salmon, and unagi (with a bit of surfer clam and masago scallop handroll on the side)

Followed by an order of just handrolls: spicy salmon, hamachi and unagi, the hawaiian roll, and more masago scallop roll

Then we were in the mood for nigiri sushi – tako, unagi, hamachi, and mackerel

And the last order – a mix of both nigiri (for me) and handrolls for bf

For me, the nigiri sushi was just perfect – fresh fresh fish and not too much rice, a great balance. I usually don’t like handrolls from any sushi place just because I tend to think that they are stuffed with rice – I also got that impression at Kats Sushi, although I don’t think that their handrolls had any more rice than other handrolls that I’ve had from regular a la carte sushi places. Like most sushi buffet places, there is a penalty for any unfinished pieces! Anything that is left uneaten will be charged at the a la carte price – we were able to pace ourselves so that we were happily satiated but not overwhelmingly full … that is the best feeling to leave a buffet with.

Kat’s Sushi

715 South King Street
Honolulu, HI 96813

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