Kaka’ako Kitchen

Originally we had planned to eat saimin for dinner – but I called ahead at the place that we were going to eat at, Palace Saimin, and there was no answer… I was a little wary of driving all the way across town in the event that the place was closed for Memorial Day. Things actually worked out quite well for us; because we were already at Ala Moana beach park (in an attempt to get in some sun and snorkeling before the end of the day), we hopped over to Kaka’ako Kitchen in Ala Moana shopping center for some gourmet plate lunch-style dinner.

I was looking forward to trying the Furikake Catfish Tempura plate, but when we got there, they were all sold out of catfish! I was a bit disappointed until I saw that they had mahi elsewhere on the menu, so I decided to be a bit creative and asked if I could have the catfish plate but made with mahi instead – after all, it never hurts to just ask! Feeling slightly health conscious after that plate lunch from earlier, I opted for greens instead of mac salad, and brown rice instead of white – and here’s what I got: Two HUGE pieces of mahi in furikake tempura with ponzu sauce on the side, with my heaping scoop of brown rice and greens! Onolicious!!

Bf ordered the Monday special – meatloaf! The plate came with curly fries, plus mashed potatoes on the bottom, and fried onions on top – a true meat and potatoes kind of meal.

And if you were wondering … no … we did NOT have leftovers! haha!

Kaka’ako Kitchen

1200 Ala Moana Boulevard
Honolulu, HI 96814


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