Breakfast Double Feature: Cinnamon’s and Boots & Kimo’s

Yes … you read that correctly … on Tuesday, we had a breakfast double feature – back to back breakfasts! What can I say, (1) bf and I needed to carb load because we were planning on kayaking and hiking on that same day (2) we had too many places that we wanted to eat at and figured that this was the only way that we could fit in everything on our “to eat” list (3) well, we were just hungry!

First stop was Cinnamon’s – for some good ol’ Hawaiian loco moco. What is loco moco?

This is loco moco:

Yep – two scoops of white rice, a hamburger patty, gravy, mushrooms and onions, topped off with a fried egg. Yum yum yum.

After we split that, we still weren’t finished – so we ended up a few blocks down at Boots & Kimo’s for their famous pancakes with mac nut sauce! There was a line that was literally out the door for the wait to a table (almost reminiscent of Clinton Street Baking Company!) so we ordered the banana pancakes with mac nut sauce to go. Turned out to be a wise choice, and in a few short minutes we got these in a box:

The pancakes were huge and fluffy, the size of dinner plates. The macadamia sauce was simply wonderful – smooth, creamy, sweet and nutty – perfect to eat generously slathered all over banana pancakes. Eating these pancakes gives you the same relaxing, slow, sleepy feeling of waking up on a sunny Saturday morning 🙂

Watch these pancakes disappear….

Going … going … *chomp*chomp*chomp* …

Now that’s what I call a hearty breakfast.


315 Uluniu Street
Kailua, HI 96734

Boots & Kimo’s

119 Hekili Street
Kailua, HI 96734

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