Maui Mike’s Fire Roasted Chicken

With all the chickens running around on this island, you would think that the chicken at Maui Mike’s would be free-range, all natural organic HAWAIIAN chicken … but actually, they get their chickens from Texas!! This little birdie flew a long way to get into my tummy ….

Bf and I shared the half chicken with cajun fries combo, with honey mustard and teriyaki dipping sauce. The chicken was perfectly roasted, juicy, and incredibly flavorful – even without the dipping sauces. I would probably also try their smoky barbeque sauce with the chicken and fries; the two sauces that we had this time were both a little on the sweet side and a bit of smoky bbq would have been a nice accent to the chicken. The half chicken platter was definitely enough to split between the two of us and fill us both up for the afternoon!

Maui Mike’s – 96 S. Kamehameha Highway
Wahiawa, HI 96786


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