Too much Sushi

I love to go out to get sushi because it is one of the few things that I don’t attempt to make at home … but lately I’ve definitely had a sushi overdose. A few weeks ago, bf and I went to Privus in Boston and got the chef’s sushi and sashimi tasting menu – and proceeded to consume the following beautiful platter of fresh and delicious little fishies! The platter was definitely very good, and lucky for me, bf is willing to eat anything that I don’t, so I got to pick out the pieces that I wanted to eat first. If we go back next time I will probably try to order a la carte because I like to be able to pick out exactly which pieces and rolls that I want to eat – I tend to not be too adventurous when it comes to trying out unfamiliar nigiri.

And then, most recently bf and I managed to eat 56 pieces (including rolls and handrolls!) at Yuka on UES (unfortunately the lighting at Yuka was lackluster for taking pics!) Yuka was ok, and the AYCE deal is for rolls and nigiri made to order. The menu is more limited than their a la carte sushi menu, but there was still a pretty good selection to choose from. You can tell that I’m a fan of salmon, eel and yellowtail! The nigiri pieces did not come with too much rice, which I definitely appreciated (I hate when AYCE places pack in the rice so that you eat less fish!). However, be careful not to order too much – or otherwise you have to pay $1 per piece that you are not able to finish. Sushi buffets are one of those things that I like to go to once in a while, but then afterwards I always have that “should I have done that?” feeling.

This shot is missing two pieces because I was so hungry that I ate them before snapping a pic!

Privus Lounge

161 Brighton Avenue
Allston, MA 02134-2003

Yuka Sushi

1557 2nd Avenue, New York

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