Kefi – my Greek fav

Testing out the WordPress iPhone app with this post… it’s amazing what I can now accomplish all just on my cell phone these days! A few weeks ago bf and I went out to dinner at Kefi, our favorite Greek place on the UWS, or for that matter, in the whole of Manhattan! Bf got his usual lamb shank, which was flavorful and tender as expected. I decided to get the sheep’s milk ricotta dumplings, which I discovered they had now upgraded to an entree (its previous incarnation was as an appetizer). The dumplings were served in red sauce with housemade lamb sausage… simply awesome. Our friends D and A live very close by and had ordered their hummus/baba ghannoush/roasted red pepper/tzikiki spread platter with grilled pita before, and I love the combo of the different spreads with the warm pita, so that we got as an appetizer. Unfortunately I forgot my usual camera so pics below were also taken by phone. Whee! I’m updating my blog with just one hand!

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