First attempt at making dumplings

Even though I am Chinese AND I love food, you may be surprised to know that I in no way claim to be adept at making any type of traditional Chinese foods. The beauty of living in New York City is the fact that Flushing is so close by and I can satisfy all of my cravings for authentic, homestyle Chinese food by just hopping on the 7 train! However, it is a sad fact that I had never (until a few weeks ago), actually attempted to make my own dumplings from scratch (and ok… I admit that these are not even from *scratch* scratch because I got the wrappers from Flushing!). I had helped my friend M make dumplings a few months back and learned the technique for crimping the little pouches together, but I had yet to mix my own filling and actually try my hand at developing a good recipe. For my first attempt, these turned out to be ok – definitely did not measure up to the ones that I can get from House of Xie in Golden Shopping Mall – but maybe one day I’ll get there. If all else fails, I’ll just shell out the $12 for the 50 frozen dumplings and just call it a day.

For the filling, I mixed in shiitake mushrooms, ground pork,. diced shrimp, scallions, and a mixture of minced garlic, ginger, soy sauce, and toasted sesame oil.

I had a mini dumpling party with a few of my friends … we all had different wrapper techniques:

The end verdict? I think a good effort at a first attempt – they looked pretty nice and were good after dipping in soy sauce. The filling was not as great as I had hoped, I’ll probably try to use fattier meat so that it will be more juicy and flavorful (I used very lean ground pork from Whole Foods … good for the arteries, but probably not the same meat that those guys in Chinatown or Flushing use to make their dumplings so tasty). Definitely was a good time make all these little morsels though!

One response to “First attempt at making dumplings

  1. Ah yes, the health-conscious Chinese-food eater, haha.. Chinese food and healthiness tends not to co-exist very well, LOL. If you’re going to make dumplings, you’ll have to either go all-out-vegetarian or use fattier meats, because things just never taste right when you try to throw a mixture of healthiness in it! 😆

    It’s pretty impressive that your handiwork on being able to pinch the dumplings together properly! It took me a while to learn when I did them, what a pain… or maybe because my guyish hands crushed them a lot more than girly hands 😀

    I wonder how much the mushrooms will really help though, could you actually taste it amidst all the other overpowered flavours from other ingredients? Nevertheless, all of it looks like a great mixture, just not sure if it’s capable of “bringing out the flavours” properly.

    OH no, gotta stop looking at this, making me hungry 😕

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