Boston Groupon: Kathmandu Spice

After my first Groupon experience, the bf and I decided to venture on and try some more new places suggested by Boston Groupon – with discounts of 50% or more per meal, seems like a pretty good way for us to have to chance to try some places that we otherwise might not have come across. This time, the deal was $20 for $40 worth of food at Kathmandu Spice, a Nepalese restaurant in Arlington – an easy bus ride down from the bf’s place. We decided to give it a go on Saturday night – even with all the rain this weekend, the place was still pleasantly busy and filled with locals. The best way to describe Nepalese food is that it is a mix between Tibetan and Indian food – so you have the classic curries, tandoori chicken, and mango lassi, but also we have the yummy momos from Tibetan cuisine.

We started the meal with a small “amuse” consisting of toasted soy nuts, ginger, onions, and spices – it was definitely a kick in the tastebuds. We also ordered two lassis – one mango, and one regular … and proceeded to finish both before any of the food came! Both the speed of the food as well as the hunger in our stomachs contributed to this – and by the time the main courses arrived, I was already stuffed from the lassis and the appetizers! I guess the *downside* of a Groupon when you are a girl and half of the whole party is that you end up ordering way too much food that is not humanly possible to finish in one meal! Scroll down to see the entire spread that we ordered – there was definitely a doggy bag for this dinner! All in all, a satisfactory second Groupon experience – probably would not have ventured out in the rain for this (or even heard of this restaurant) without the Groupon.


Chicken Momos (I need to figure out how they make these!)

Drums of Heaven (yes, they are seriously listed as this on the menu)

Naan – so buttery, so good

Mutton Meatballs

Cauli Aloo Tarkarni

Dessert – Strained Yogurt with Cinnamon & Cardamom (Sikarni)

Kathmandu Spice – 166 Massachusetts Ave.

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