First Groupon Experience

Most of the time when I decide to try out a new place, it is usually because I hear great things about it from a trusted friend or have thoroughly vetted it both through research on other food blogs and review sites such as Yelp. I am actually pretty skeptical when it comes to trying out places that I have not heard of – especially after a fairly recent bad experience (which I have not had the time to blog about) at a “Belgian” bar in Midtown (I know, I know, what was I thinking … midtown is a food wasteland!)

Anyways, last Friday I was visiting in the bf in Boston and had a craving for Indian food – and coincidentally, the Boston Groupon that day was for Diva, an Indian restaurant in Davis Square. $15 for $40 worth of food … I must say that the skeptic in me was already imagining just how interesting this food might be, considering that this was such a deep discount! However, how could 3600 other people also be wrong? Yes – 3600 people bought this Groupon.

When I arrived in Boston I was starving because my bus was late by more than 2 hours due to traffic. We headed straight to the restaurant and were seated fairly quickly as it was already almost 9pm – and our reservations were for 7. There was a three-course pre fixe menu available for two which comes with appetizers (soup, samosas, tandoori chicken, masala chicken, and some grilled meats), any two entrees from the regular menu, and dessert + coffee or tea! The bf told me that this was supposedly a “dinner for two that is actually a dinner for four”. This is pretty much the perfect description for the amount of food that we got.

To start, we each had a small soup – some mixture of curry + potato that was good – not earth shattering, but nice way to whet the appetite.

Also had some other standard fare – samosas, tandoori chicken:

Of course, I had to order my usual MANGO LASSI! This one was nice and thick and yogurty, and huge too!

For our entrees, I chose the fish vindaloo and the bf had his favorite: lamb saag. The vindaloo was very spicy and was made with swordfish – I was a bigger fan of the saag, which was rich and creamy with tender chunks of lamb stewed in it. Both were very filling with rice + naan!

Swordfish Vindaloo

Lamb Saag


After all of the above, it is hard to believe that we still had room for dessert. Ah, who am I kidding … I always have room for dessert 🙂 We also had some chai tea to round out the meal. The bf ordered the rice pudding, and I got the pistachio ice cream. Both of the desserts were pretty small, but just the perfect little sweet treat to cap off everything.

Pistachio Ice Cream

Overall, I must say, a very very awesome first Groupon experience! In fact, I will probably end up going back to Diva even without having the Groupon deal … of course it would have been even better had we known how good the food was and bought more than one Groupon!

Diva Indian Bistro Restaurant – 246 Elm St., Somerville, MA 02144

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