The value of information

If you think about all the search queries that are run on Google’s search engine on a daily basis, it is really interesting to think about all of the information that they actually have access to, and also what kinds of things they can learn about people and society in general. I guess this is why they have people who work in Google research and publish on Google trends.

However, with the new suggestion feature on Google search, I find a very simple form of rainy day entertainment in looking at suggested searches. For example!

or on the flip side…

(1) I really wonder WHO is doing these searches

(2) It is hilarious how people think that Google is the way to find the answer to anything

(3) Imagine what kind of power you would have if you knew what people were secretly Googling!

(4) Imagine the possibilities for the information that you could tap into through search queries! Consumer and economic trends, relationship advice, even using this as a prediction market of sorts!

(5) Yes completely un-food-related post this time, but just had to share this little tidbit 🙂 Hope you enjoyed a good chuckle too.

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