10 Downing

This past Sunday I finally had the chance to meet up with S and T, two of my favorite people in this city. We had made plans to meet up for brunch, and it was the perfect sort of lazy, sunny Sunday to meet up for brunch in the village. After reading about 10 Downing in various other reviews, I decided to try it out and see what the hype was about. We met at the restaurant at noon – a prime time to go and beat the usual Manhattan brunch crowd that comes out at about 1pm … we were seated almost immediately after our whole party arrived! The food was lovely and the restaurant itself is nicely laid out with lots of light and space so that you don’t feel like you are sharing your meal with everyone else who is also dining at the restaurant. Although the portions are not large, they are filling and surprisingly reasonably priced for the West Village.

S ordered the cinnamon french toast – scrumptious and simple:

T opted for the chicken and apple salad – it looked very fresh and tasty!

Finally, I had the slow cooked duck eggs with pork belly, white bean and fig:

Maybe we have become so conditioned to having super-sized portions that when we are actually served a normal portion of food, we feel like it is abnormally small? I was very happy with my dish though, as it was perfect  to tide me over for the rest of the afternoon – hearty and rustic, without loading down my stomach.

The verdict? A new brunch spot for me in Manhattan – I will definitely come back for more!

10 Downing – 10 Downing St. New York, NY

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