Lake Placid

Other than the wonderful breakfasts that Aggie treated us to every morning, the bf and I also had the opportunity to enjoy some local Adirondack cuisine in Lake Placid. Another couple that was also staying at the Winterberry recommended that we check out the Whiteface Lodge for some really Adirondacky ambiance and some good food and drink. The lodge was really a sight to see – huge fireplaces with real moose and deer heads, antler chandeliers, a gorgeous Christmas tree that could give the Rockefeller tree a  run for its money, and beautifully lit trees all around the entire property.

The restaurant at the lodge, Kanu, is open for both guests staying at the lodge as well as hungry tourists such as the bf and I. Kanu serves tapas-style dishes that are on the pricey end for Lake Placid, but it is the perfect spot if you want to grab lunch or a light dinner. One word of warning though – do not order any mussels in Lake Placid … in NYC, when you order mussels it is generally understood that you will get a huge pot full of steaming, fresh mussels with plenty of savory broth to dip your dinner bread in; in Lake Placid, you should be sure to ask the number of mussels that the order entails – because usually it is in the vicinity of ten … or less (as we discovered).

When we first walked into the restaurant, we noticed the chef carving this beautifully roasted prime rib (from a local farm!) – the bf asked if we could try a piece of it, and the chef graciously gave us a generous portion of it to taste!

The meat was very juicy and tender – and being from a local farm, hopefully it came from a cow that lived a  happy, healthy, and natural life grazing in a pasture rather than being fattened on an industrial feedlot. Lately, I have become more food quality conscious after reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma and watching “Food Inc.” In a nutshell, there are some really atrocious practices in place right now in our industrial food system, and for economic, ecological, environmental, and health reasons, we should strive to eat local, naturally grown whole foods instead of feeding/medicating ourselves daily with processed foods that are created from corn and corn derivatives. More on this to come; for now, more Adirondacky tapas!

My favorite dish of the evening was by far the duck with maple syrup – so simple and tasty! Just duck breast perfectly cooked and glazed with sweet maple syrup.

Here were the SIX mussels that came in our $10 order of mussels – yes, those be some expensive mussels!

There was also an order of truffle fries that we got to complement the mussels – pretty good, but how can anything deep fried and dusted with truffle not be?

We also got some sweet potato gnocchi with lamb and mushroom ragu – the ragu was pretty tasty, but the gnocchi were dense and chewy instead of being light and fluffy as a good gnocchi should be.

To round out the meal, we had maple creme brulee for dessert. The creme brulee was amazing, with the perfect, crackly caramelized sugar on top and creamy, rich maple scented custard below. The fruit confit on the side was well paired with the creme brulee.

A pretty satisfying little dinner after a day of relaxing and lounging!

After  our second night of skiing, we decided to go to one of our favorite places to eat in Lake Placid: Lisa G’s – a recommendation both from my favorite ski instructor Tony and Aggie too!

We started with the same appetizer that we had almost a year ago – the pesto calamari. It was just as tasty as we remembered it to be – the pesto and antipasti salad add a good savoriness to the dish.

The entrees at Lisa G’s are definitely served in *hearty* portions. For some reason, I was in the mood for just some good ol’ spaghetti and meatballs – Lisa G’s has a spaghetti and meatballs dish with wide noodles, grilled meatballs, and fresh tomato marinara sauce. A great dinner to feed a hungry skier!

The bf opted for a more southern style dinner – fried chicken and collard greens. At least the dish included some lentils which add a little bit of fiber?

We did not get any dessert at Lisa G’s because we decided to make s’mores! After getting back to the Winterberry, we cozied up to a warm fire and toasted some marshmallows to make dark chocolate s’mores … yum! Couldn’t think of a better way to end a day in the winter wonderland that is Lake Placid.

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