I eat faster than I blog

Since I started this blog, I have realized that this is becoming a bigger and bigger issue as I eat and explore more, but find less time to  put thought to computer in a timely manner! Alas, this is life. For example, as I am writing this I realize that I have an unpublished entry about Resto with my friend H – from fall 2009! And at the same time I am cooking wheatberries to make some cranberry almond wheatberry salad for the week, and am making mental lists of all the things I have to do. Boy do I miss the R&R in Lake Placid! Speaking of which, I still need to blog about a few more meals (other than Aggie’s lovely breakfasts!) that I enjoyed there, and the delicious brunch that I enjoyed today at 10 Downing! And my desktop computer is now on the fritz … oh dear!


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