NYC Dumpling Festival!

In being a good food blogger, it is essential keep up with the times and blog about relevant foodie events. Of course, this is why I am FINALLY getting around to doing my post about the NYC Dumpling Festival (weeks after the event has passed!) Hey, what can I say, I’m not getting paid to do this so I follow my own schedule and lack of deadlines ^_^.

The dumpling festival was happening rain or shine, and unfortunately this year it happened in the rain! However, the dumplings were still very tasty and there was a pretty huge turnout for the thing. The festivities included a men’s and women’s dumpling eating contest (the top guy ate 52 dumplings in two minutes! did I say ‘ate’? I meant … inhaled!). The best quotation from the mc that was leading the event: “HE IS WASHING HIS FACE WITH THE DUMPLINGS!”. Of course, there were plenty of dumplings to go around for those of us not interested in washing our faces with dumplings. Bf and I had the chance to try out several varieties of international dumplings (although at $5 a plate, these were considerably pricier than the $1/5 dumplings deal that I get at Prosperity!).

Malaysian Kuih Kodok

Pierogies! Meat and potato

Whole Wheat Dumplings – yummy and healthy!


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