Brooklyn Flea – Good Eats

For those of you that know me personally, you know that I cannot stop raving about the Brooklyn Flea. Each time I go, I always manage to find clothes and accessories that are cute, unique, and affordable. The flea always puts me in a good mood, with all of the different vendors there that sell all kinds of vintage and handmade goods – and I love talking to the vendors and learning about how they got started with their business ideas (because after all, each and every one of them is an entrepreneur!). A few weeks ago, I had blogged about Liddabit’s amazing caramels – I get a bag of these babies every time I go to the flea! Since then, I have ventured out and tried out some more of the delicious food offerings at the Flea.

One of my favorites is the prosciutto, arugula, and fresh ricotta open-faced sandwich from master cheesemakers  Salvatore Bklyn. Apparently, Martha Stewart liked these as well!

On a different trip to the Flea, I also split a quesadilla from the Martinez Food Vendors with bf. Take a look at the full monty from the Amateur Gourmet and you will understand why I could only eat half! I would say this is more of an open-faced quesadilla, or a ginormous taco … whatever it was, it sure was tasty!

Get in mah belly!

Brooklyn Flea: Saturdays @ Fort Greene


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