I <3 Brooklyn

I don’t understand why so many Manhattanites have a near phobia against going to the other boroughs – there are so many great things to explore outside of our tiny little island, not to mention all of the great food that we miss out on by limiting ourselves to only staying within the bounds of the Hudson and East Rivers. This weekend I spent most of my Saturday in Williamsburg, Brooklyn – and if it weren’t for my commute to work in the mornings, I could definitely see myself living here. There is so much more space, and I just feel like I can really breathe instead of being stifled by all of the people, smoke, pollution, cars, buildings, etc etc in Manhattan. Not to mention all of the delicious treats that I discovered – first, I had brunch with my friends J and Y at Sel de Mer, a new restaurant that had just opened this summer. Their food focuses on fresh seafood and the space is very simple and cozy inside. We walked from their apartment to the restaurant and were seated immediately (if this place was in Manhattan, the wait would probably have been somewhere in the neighborhood of 1.5 hours…). The whole atmosphere was very chill and relaxed, and we could actually hear each other and carry on a leisurely conversation over our eggs benedict and sandwiches. I had the eggs benedict with smoked salmon and spinach – and I have to say, this is probably one of the best eggs benedicts .. if not THE BEST … that I have had in the city (and I have had quite a few!).


J had the eggs benedict as well, with only smoked salmon …


And Y had the fish cake sandwiches …


We left very satisfied (as you can see, the portions are very generous) – and without doing too much damage to our wallets (the eggs benedict was only $8!).

And the day got even better after brunch – Y and I decided to go poke around the Brooklyn Flea for a bit and enjoy the beautiful weather. After reading about Liddabit caramels I had to try some on my own. Since they have a booth at the Brooklyn Flea on Saturdays, I made sure to stop by and pick up some sweets! I bought a few of their beer pretzel caramels, as well as their seasonal apple cider caramels. Both are delicious and I have been trying to restrain myself from finishing all of them before the weekend is over! I definitely need to get some more next weekend ….


I hope that this entry inspires some of my Manhattan friends to venture down to Brooklyn once in while! 🙂

On a side note, completely un-food-related, have you ever imagined what New York looked like before all of the pre/post-war apartments, bars, restaurants, taxis, people, and high-rise buildings? What a footprint that man leaves on this planet: http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2009/09/manhattan/clark-photography

Sel de Mer
374 Graham Ave., nr. Conselyea St., Williamsburg

LiddAbit Sweets
Brooklyn Flea, Saturdays

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