Finale, where dinner is just the prelude

A few weeks ago I finally made it up to Boston to help the bf settle into his new place in Cambridge. His new home is a lovely apartment in a house that’s over a hundred years old – very different from my apartment in a high-rise in Hell’s Kitchen, but also a very refreshing change of scene for me. Cambridge seems to have the right balance of suburban charm with Boston right there to add a bit of urban flavor. What was really nice was to also have the chance to meet up with old and new friends alike, and to get a taste of the Boston food scene! On Sunday night we went out to a fabulous dinner at Finale in Harvard Square. They take dessert very seriously at this restaurant – in fact, the dinner course is considered a prelude to the grand finale (no pun intended :P) … lots and lots of decadent dessert!

To start, I had the pizza bianca (with grilled chicken and feta)


…and he had the crab quiche with Gruyère and a tomato mozzarella salad:


And then it was time for dessert … don’t worry – we were eating with 3 other friends, this was not just the two of us!

Molten chocolate cake:


Boston Creme:


Chocolate Mousse:




Can you tell that I was very very very satisfied after this meal? 🙂


30 Dunster Street

Cambridge, MA

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