Sweet summer – happy times with old friends

In August, one of my best friends from college visited the city for a week and I got the chance to show her all of my favorite places to eat in the city as well as try out a few new places! Our first stop was Porchetta – hands down one of my all time favorite sandwich shops. What I love about the Porchetta sandwich is its simplicity and depth of flavor, just meat and bread. The sandwich is perfectly proportioned and also wonderfully moist and savory.



After lunch we wandered about for a bit and each picked up some sweet things to satisfy our craving for dessert. First stop was Butter Lane, which makes the most amazing cupcakes with french buttercream frosting. N got the chocolate cake with vanilla bean frosting: a classic combination.


We also happened to walk by a Beard Papa’s – I have never had their cream puffs and have always wanted to try it. I think this is the first and last time that I will have Beard Papa’s … cute name, but their puffs are not so great. The choux pastry was crumbly and too dry, and the filling just tasted too sweet and artificial.


For a quick afternoon pick-me-up, I stopped by Joe the Art of Coffee in West Village to have a cappuccino. I always love when my cup of coffee comes with some lovely latte art – I’m excited to find more espresso shops to explore in the city!


Another one of my favorites in the village: the puppies!



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