Yum Yum

One of the best things about living in the city (and worst things for my waistline) is how many restaurants are easily accessible by walking. In the mood for Thai, my friend F and I decided to meet on 9th ave to check out the selection. We ended up at Yum Yum – Yum Yum Bangkok, to be exact. I wonder who started Yum Yum and if they had originally worked for Starbucks … similar to the way I can find Starbucks right next to and across the street from each other in the city, there are THREE Yum Yums within a two block stretch on 9th ave! Yep … north from 45th you’ll see Yum Yum … Yum Yum … and Yum Yum Too!

Yum Yum Bangkok lived up to its name – that is, it was indeed yummy đŸ™‚ Nothing earth shattering or soul shaking, but a good meal to fill the belly.


Yum Yum Bangkok

650 9th Ave

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