Moby Dick and Sweet Sixteen

Last week I was in DC to celebrate my sister’s 16th birthday and to enjoy some time in the suburbs. One of my all time favorite (albeit chain) restaurants in the DC metro area is Moby Dick’s House of Kabob – where they serve all sorts of deliciously juicy grilled meats with freshly made flatbread and cucumber yogurt sauce. When you go to Moby Dick’s the thing to remember is that you should always get the combo – it comes with salad, bread, yogurt sauce, meat, and rice! We ended up getting two combos and a lamb sandwich (basically a combo without the rice, all wrapped up together in the flatbread). I love the way that they marinate the chicken and lamb so that it is chock full of meaty goodness, hot off the grill! When I was younger (and in better shape), my friends from the xc team and I would actually run all the way across town for this stuff … it is that good.

Chicken Platter


Lamb Platter


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