Julie & Julia inspiration – Bruschetta

Although I didn’t think that I was going to see this movie in theaters, the bf and I were inspired by the good food that we ate at Fiore and decided to go on Saturday night to see Julie & Julia. I had enjoyed the book when it first came out and was iffy about the movie being a let down, but it turned out to be a cute and satisfying movie. One of my favorite scenes is when Julie is making bruschetta for her boyfriend – the food styling in the movie is pretty amazing and this scene made the bruschetta look like the most delicious bruschetta in the world. I was determined to get some as soon as possible. By coincidence, I had just bought some beautiful heirloom tomatoes from the market that I love in Brooklyn (take that tomato blight!) and my basil plant has been basking in the summer sun and growing abundantly. I had also picked up some italian bread at Trader Joe’s to make pressed sandwiches, and the bread also turned out to be perfect for bruschetta. For the topping, I diced the tomato and chopped up a handful of basil. I added a sprinkling of sea salt as well as kosher salt, ground black pepper, some garlic powder, a splash of balsamic, a bit of ground italian herbs, and a bit of cold press olive oil to round it out. I made the bread exactly the way that Amy Adams (as Julie) made it in the movie – pan frying in olive oil. Nothing is quite as satisfying as listening to the sizzle of bread toasting up in hot olive oil and smelling the toasty aroma waft through the kitchen. After I removed the bread slices from the pan, I immediately rubbed both sides of the bread with a cut garlic clove and topped each slice with a heap of the bruschetta topping. Now that makes for a good Monday dinner!




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