The Aftermath

The Whole Pie


Turkey and other goodies


After we (we being my bf and I)  succeeded in making a beautiful and deliciously moist turkey last Thanksgiving, we also encountered the common challenge that everyone faces after the great feast: what to do with all the leftover turkey? Still on a high from our accomplishments in the realm of turkeys and ovens, the route of turkey pot pie seemed especially appealling. Just think, the rich flavorful filling with chunks of savory thanksgiving turkey surrounded by a butterly, flaky crust perfectly golden at just the right temperature in the oven. Mmmm, I can even start to smell that warm, wonderful aroma wafting through every nook in my house now.

Anyways, the bf was supposed to guest post the recipe that we used and how we went about making the pie, but since it has been more than half a year, our memory serves us poorly and that recipe is now but the fond memory of that lovely first bite of flaky crust and juicy turkey. At least I still have a picture to commemorate that wonderful pie … maybe we will recreate it again this year!

p.s. the one thing that I do remember about this recipe is how we made the filling creamy – after combining all the ingredients, we had found that the filling had too much liquid. We didn’t have any cornstarch on hand, but we did have leftover mash potato mix! A few sprinkles later and voila, pot pie filling is done!

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