There’s no free lunch, but there is free dinner

So, when Serious Eats: New York publishes something about Chipotle giving away FREE BURRITOS, of course I have to go and personally investigate the situation. Forget about recession specials – what can be better than FREE CHIPOTLE BURRITOS??

Alas, it is true!


Even though the line of customers was all the way to the door, it was surprisingly quick. Within 15 minutes, I was already placing my order: a steak and chicken burrito with pinto beans, tomato and corn salsa. My mantra – why choose when you can have it all? The service was efficient and friendly – the guy putting together my burrito said “of course! no prob” when I asked for TWO meats, and even posed for a picture with my burrito when he saw me take out my camera!

Making my burrito…

burrito making

Steak AND Chicken? Yes please.


I will definitely be back next Tuesday.

Chipotle – 45th St. Btw 5th and 6th Ave.

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