Birthday, Part 4 – Max Brenner

Last but certainly not least ….


The perfect ending to a birthday or any day – chocolate at Max Brenner! This was the dark chocolate “hot chocolat” – thick, velvety and luscious, and the beautiful latte art on top was the icing on the cake! This one was more of an American style hot chocolate since milk was added, but there are also many european style drinking chocolates available on the menu. Of course, what is hot chocolate without marshmallows?! Max Brenner also has the perfect hot chocolate for anyone and everyone that craves the nostalgia of hot chocolate topped off with a mound of marshmallows, just like the kind you had as a kid after you spent the whole day making snowmen or having snowball fights…


All of their hot chocolates are served in “hug mugs,” designed so that when you drink your chocolate, you “hug” your mug with your hands … yes, I know, a clever marketing scheme but I fell for it and bought one for my own mug collection at home 🙂

Of course, they also serve food! Food made of chocolate, that is ….

got the munchies for Munchies Waffles?


mmm my heart melts for this melting heart cake ❤


Max Brenner, Chocolate by the Bald Man – 2nd Ave. and 9th Street (East Village)

One response to “Birthday, Part 4 – Max Brenner

  1. UM since when are you in NYC???? I’m at Columbia!!! Don’t ask me how I found our blog but I LOVE Max Brenner, I was just there the other day!!! …Wow. Send me a facebook message!

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