Pinche Taqueria

Since my bf was visiting this weekend, we decided to do some wandering around the city and be a little adventurous. First, we went to Bottlerocket Wines for their Thanksgiving Wine Tasting event. Since we got there a little late (around 4:30 … and it ended at 5), we only had a sliver of turkey each and one candied pecan before all of the food ran out. This was particularly unfortunate because the entire *free* event was catered by City Bakery! Thankfully, the same thing didn’t happen to the wine supply since we were in a wine store … I got to sample some really good whites and also a bit of champagne. We left the tasting pleasantly buzzed, with a lovely bottle of Moscato tucked away for our own Thanksgiving feast later this month.

For dinner, we decided to try out Pinche Taqueria, of Serious Eats: New York fish taco fame. After perusing the menu a bit, we both decided to get combos for dinner. I got the taco combo with 2 fish tacos and yucca fries instead of rice and beans. The yucca fries came with jalapeno ketchup and cilantro mayonnaise, both of which went great with the crispy, dense fries. I also got a bit of extra guacamole on the side to dip my yucca fries with! The fish tacos did not disappoint, with thin fresh slivers of onion and cabbage and freshly fried breaded whitefish nuggets.

No quiero taco bell!

fish taco

The bf went with the burrito combo, going for the steak burrito and a side of crazy corn smothered in butter, mayo and spices.

steak burrito

crazy corn

To wash down this delightful meal, I had the horchata while the bf had the house-made tamarindo drink. The horchata was pretty good, almost as good as any that I had in New Mexico – cold, creamy and cinnamony. The tamarindo was interesting, but hey, it’s good to try new things once in a while right? Overall, dinner came out to be $26 between the two of us – not bad for a dinner out in NYC!

Pinche Taqueria 227 Mott Street (near Spring St.)


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