Philly Restaurant Week – Amada

Something that I always look forward to in the fall is restaurant week in Philadelphia. Unlike NYC restaurant week where chefs basically create a new menu using cheaper ingredients and unimaginative flavors, restaurants in Philadelphia actually include items from their normal menu and serve their normal portion sizes. This makes restaurant week in Philly a great way to enjoy the fine dining experience while avoiding inflated food prices. Although the pre-fixe price has gone up to $35 for three courses and the really high-end restaurants (such as Le Bec Fin) do not participate, there are still a few restaurants that are definitely worth dining at. This year, I chose Amada, and I have to say that this is probably my all time favorite restaurant week meal that I have had in Philly (and I have had a lot — to name a few: Alma de Cuba, Le Bar Lyonnais, Zanzibar Blue, Red Sky). Since Amada is a tapas restaurant, the bf and I both got two tapas for the first course, two tapas for the second course, and a dessert course! Another plus: since we got reservations for 11:30pm (to accomodate for my travel time from NY to Philly), the restaurant ran out of the dessert that I ordered and we got another complementary dish. In total, we had 11 small dishes between the two of us over the course of the night! Absolutely delicious.

Garrotxa with Garlic Dulce de Leche

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