Ma Po Tofu

The best sauce packets are made by Lee Kum Kee, and at $0.88 a packet, a great deal. Unfortunately the only place that I’ve found that sells them is Asia Supermarket in Philly, so I always stock up when I go to visit. The ma po tofu sauce that they sell in New York are both expensive (over $2.00 a packet) and not good at all. With ma po tofu, the key is the “ma la” flavor, where you feel the spiciness numb your tastebuds … mmmmm mmmmmm!

Ma Po Tofu

1 piece semi-firm tofu, cubed

1/4 lb. ground pork

1 packet mapo tofu sauce

1/2 c. frozen mixed veggies

Step 1: Brown ground pork in saute pan.

Step 2: Add sauce

Step 3: Add tofu, mix well.

Step 4: Add frozen veggies, mix well.

Step 5: Let simmer for 8 minutes or so.

Step 6: Serve over white rice.

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